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The most memorable day of your life has finally arrived. You will never be more photographed on any given day, and naturally, you want to be breathtakingly beautiful and picture perfect!

Artistic Wedding Hair & Make-up Design offers alluring artistry for every Bride’s personal needs. Our licensed, fully trained staff of Wedding Specialists can virtually create any wedding look you desire ranging from elegant sophistication, classic simplicity and vintage to trendy. Our masterful stylists have created hair and make-up designs for thousands of weddings, Fashion Weeks, photography sessions, commercials and campaign ads.  Your bride fee includes a custom designed “rehearsal” to ensure perfection on your special day of celebration. You will truly experience the difference in the artistry details! We offer full credit of your trial fee to your total wedding package.

We are a team of wedding professionals committed to excellence. We believe that our job is not complete until our Brides are 100% satisfied, and our 98% trial booking “rate” is our testimonial that belief. We know after 10+ years of experience what Brides want: superior communication, timely responses, 100% trial satisfaction, early wedding arrival and stunning completion on their wedding day. We add special elements of a customized quote and require no upfront deposit. We complete your beauty journey with a “Peace of Mind Contract” to ensure your perfect day! Now rest, relax and let us lead the way!


It all began for me when I was a young girl.  Born to stylist parents I grew up in a world of beauty. While serving coffee to salon clients and stocking the beauty shelves, I secretly dreamed of someday making a difference in the beauty industry.  But it was a Revlon ad campaign and the world’s first known top model, Jean Shrimpton, which evoked a passion within.  At that time Revlon was the leading beauty authority (introducing  the first matching lipstick and nail enamel) that revolutionized the future of cosmetics.  I knew then the beauty industry offered endless opportunities and I wanted to be a part; somehow and someway.

So when I wasn’t organizing the neighborhood talent shows or teaching my friends to dance and sing, I dreamed of beauty.  I would lock myself in the bathroom (every family’s nightmare) and spend endless hours transforming my looks and rehearsing my mirror “debut”.  It was usually the loud knock at the bathroom door that snapped me back to reality. Grabbing my things and quickly stuffing them into a drawer, I exited giving my older brother a look as if to say, “How dare you bother me at a moment like this!”


1965 Revlon Ad “Teddy Bear” Lipstick and Nail Enamel
Dress Bill Blass
Earrings Van Cleef and Arpel
No credit given to hair or make-up artist at the time; can you imagine?

Years passed and my parents hoped for me to carry on the family tradition of becoming a stylist; however, I had something very different in mind.  I wanted to become an authority on beauty and educate women everywhere about it.  At the time I was working for a woman in the healthcare field named Elaine (my middle name) who invented and patented the first Black & Decker cordless electric scrubber. I think of her often, usually when I use my electric toothbrush, as that is what gave her the idea.  Calling me into her office one afternoon she asked what I wanted to do with my life as she knew I was not destined for healthcare sales.  I excitedly shared my dream of becoming a beauty professional and she asked what steps I had taken toward achieving that dream.  I offered a myriad of reasons why I could not, to which she replied, “Don’t wait for an opportunity, go make it”.

So, with resume in hand I drove to the Bonne Bell headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.  My knees were knocking from fright.  I was greeted by a secretary who quickly announced that no one was available to speak with me.  I thought quickly on my feet and asked, “Is the janitor available”?  I just have one of those contagious personalities full of positive energy and as my husband is fond of saying, “Janet can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo and feel excited while doing it”.  The secretary looked at me in shock and, giving in to the fact I was not leaving, she called someone from advertising to meet me.  I shook his hand and after talking for a while, smiled graciously and asked him to do me one small favor: “Don’t discard my resume and place it in the hands of someone who could make a decision about my future”. He kept his promise.   A few days later a nice gentleman by the name of Ron called. He said he had an open sales position. I excitedly assured him I would move anywhere in the country but was curious about my competition for the job, for I literally had no experience.  During the interview the next day I told him about myself and about my ability to make salon clients feel wonderful, so much so that they requested bookings on the days I was there. The salon clients knew I was dedicated to everything I chose to do even as a small child. I remember telling Ron “Don’t miss out on me as I am sure others have experience but what they don’t have is my effervescent attitude toward work. I’ll be your most dedicated worker, you’ll see”.   I ended my spiel by asking, “By the way, where would I be moving to?”  He replied, “No need to relocate, we need a sales person for northeastern Ohio”.  A few short years later I was in the top 10 in sales in the nation, I had proved my love for beauty excellence and kept my word. Then I headed for Texas, bigger things awaited me.

Shortly after arriving in Dallas, and while waiting at a trendy restaurant for an interview with a local beauty company to begin, a young woman named Pam approached me.  She mentioned she wanted to play a little joke on her boss by having me join them at their table while he was off paying the bill. She said the boss thought I was really attractive and had wished I would join them. When the boss returned to the table after paying the bill, he realized what his employee had done; you can imagine his embarrassment.  Attempting to break the ice and lighten the mood I extended my hand in greeting him and asked “What is it that you do”?  David replied, “I am the Regional Sales Manager for Revlon”. Talk about destiny, I almost fainted.

Months later, you guessed it; I was working for Revlon, and was determined to make my name known. I became the highest sales employee and eventually was promoted to Regional Trainer for new executives.  A few years later I transitioned to Department store high-end sales and began working relentless hours with Ralph Lauren Cosmetics. My principle was to always audition for the next role in life putting my “best” forward every day as you never know who was watching.  It paid off when an Estee Lauder executive asked the Department store buyer to name their most respected vendor representative.  It was not long until I received a phone call asking me to fly to New York for an interview.  To gain a position in Estee Lauder I interviewed with six executives that day and flew home to anxiously await their answer.  I passed with a unanimous 6-0 vote!  Years later as Field Sales manager I was voted Best Vendor several times; however, my life was about to change forever.

A little girl, age 6, who I’ll call Kelly, came into my life.  While quite fond of her, I could not ignore the self-mutilation scars on her arms and legs. A few months into our relationship, she collapsed to the floor when I lovingly shared I could not stay in her life as a pseudo Mom to her.  Sobbing she said, “But who is going to take care of me”?  I remember wiping tears from my face, picking her up, hugging her tightly and promising we would see it through together, somehow.  It was then that I put my beauty career “on hold” to prove to her my dedication.  Without going into details, as that is her personal story, she deserves a round of applause for her perseverance and who she is today.  What we did learn together was loyalty and teamwork and that we could do anything with relentless spirit and determination.  We climbed mountains together and believed the “storm” would bring better days.  There were better days, and then again there weren’t.  Eventually, I had to find “beauty” in my life again in order to achieve balance: where there is hope there is life. So, putting “beauty” in my life again, and setting a good example for this little girl, I enrolled in beauty school.  My parents were thrilled!  As a beauty school student I never brought my personal life to class with me; a good rule for anyone. It was in beauty school where I received countless hugs and endless love from Future Professionals like myself. Little did they know how those hugs helped me stay strong and to believe in my new life. I graduated with top honors (top 1% of the academy) and, of course, my little girl asked to see my report cards on a routine basis.  After all, if she was required to be a “good” student then so was I.  Paul Mitchell hired me on my graduation day and life took a very positive turn, again.

As a beauty educator I eventually became the Director of the School.  Under my direction the location was ranked first in the nation for both img-thingenrollments and graduations rates, along with many other accomplishments.  At Paul Mitchell we created “Free Hugs Day” (I knew the blessing of a hug) which has now become a National Campaign.  We made first page news that day as we created a traffic jam with people pulling over for a free hug, literally them calling friends and family to get one!  I truly hope we healed some hearts that day.  Now you know why I chose my signature of “XOXO” as it represents the essence of how wonderful “love” makes someone feel.  You can imagine how excited I get when my Bride posts a review and signs it “XOXO”; I presume it to be a Bride’s way of paying it forward.  Before leaving the Academy, I also co-founded the local “Fallen Firefighter’s Fund” with help from Gary Stewart, Chief Battalion Officer, whose wife was dying from cancer, in order to give back to those who gave so graciously to me in the community.  As Elaine taught me during my first job, it only takes an idea to “go make” an opportunity happen.

During my time with Paul Mitchell I wanted something of my own where I could treat others in a beautiful way every day; a loving culture that I could spread with each person I met.  I started in earnest planning my future. I remember wondering if I could really create (self-doubt creeping in again) my very own beauty company. I learned to doubt the doubts but not the possibilities.  At that moment Artistic Wedding Hair & Make-up was born.  I grabbed a nearby piece of paper and quickly wrote things I would need: stamps, fax machine, paper and dedicated phone line.  Working countless hours for close to a year I launched the company.  I left the darkness behind and never looked back.

ASI_2Today, Artistic Wedding Hair & Make-up Design is a national authority on Bridal Beauty thanks to every Bride who believed in our dream and allowed us to showcase our talent on their special wedding day.  Ironically, my first bride was named Elaine, of all things! I don’t believe in coincidence.  As the owner my promise to each and every Bride is to treat them as if they were my first: with boundless enthusiasm to ensure the finest bridal customer service available anywhere, anytime.  There is virtually not ONE beauty vendor that shares my years of beauty management and success combined with the artistry I have personally screened and bring to you for your special day.  If you don’t believe it check my credentials and then give me a call to experience the magic that awaits!

Now, let’s you and I, “go make” a gorgeous you!  XOXO


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